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Natural Stone Corporation located in a huge stone industrial zone in middle east provides Hight quality stone products mainly granite,marble,travertine and slate yielding and array of natural colors and textures from numerous quarries and factories operating cross the country.PNS supplies it’s customers from around the world with defect-free goods,on time delivery,and withing the budget

Our management is committed to ensure that customers need sand expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customers,interior designers,architects,developers and discerning home-owners,’ satisfaction.

Our Corporation proudly distributed flooring,countertops,wall tile,and hard scaping products in middle est and part of Europe through the intrinsic aesthetic and tactical properties or natural stones.

The heart of policies under our services is a single-minded approach to preserving the hard-won standards of commitment to customers service.PNS’s main office,showroom and providing unit. 

The utilization of stones as building and decorative stones has been practiced in middle east since the first millennium of civilization.Traces of utilization of such stones in Persepolis,pasargadae and many other greate monuments of the sasanid,achaemenid and Islamic Eras can be noticed all over Iran.

Exploration,quarrying,transportation,cutting,polishing and utilization of ornamental stones and construction stones which use to be performed with traditional methods have undergone considerable changes during the history and in particular the past decades.  

There are sorts of first decorative crafts made of marble including utensils and woman ornaments in museum  in middle east and all over the world.

World reserves of decorative stones including : Granites,Marble and Travertine are about 15 billion tons.

The position of middle east lies in the first place due to the color and pattern variety of stones and fourth place in volume of production of quality stones with 7.4 million tons of reserves

They are considered  as the magnificent artistic works of Iranian craftsmen in the history.Then,it comes to glamorous stone-made construction almost in all historical eras in middle east supported particularly by monarchs.

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