Marble or Granite (Granite) is a type of intrusive igneous rock. For this reason, its texture is medium to large, with quartz (in the mountains) and feldspar, mica, and some other minerals. Depending on the minerals found in rock and chalk, this rock is found in a variety of colors, from pink to grayscall and even black. It is one of the heaviest rocks with a density of 2.75 g / cm3. Marble is one of the strongest and toughest rocks. It is therefore widely used as building materials. The resistance of this stone to wear has led to its extensive use in laboratories. The strength and toughness of this rock makes it possible to create sheets of thickness just a few millimeters of this stone. It should be noted that the term granite has a Latin root. Marble is a rock formed from the cooling of molten masses. Granite is a symbol of hardness, resistance and durability. Marbles are found in white, gray, portuguese, green, black, red, and others. Granites are harder, more uniform than calcareous gems. Gems do not scratch easily and their resistance to heat is high. Granite has the best use in exterior decoration and in places where it is highly exposed, and can be used in the exterior and interior decoration of the building and the stairs. These stones are bought from Central Asian countries such as India, China, Taiwan and Vietnam, and they are of very high quality. This kind of rock includes two types of veneered ones, of which types can be found in rocks of peach and peppery red, Belek Galaxy, Chances Belek, Carmen Red, White Braun, Mappel Red, Juparna, Multicolour Vulgablo, Brown Bidasser, Green Bidasser, Bare Paradiso, Ton Brown, Silver Perl … noted. Because the rock is tall, its cutting and processing cost is higher than calcareous stones, and also has a much longer life and durability than calcareous gems.

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