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High continuity under different weather conditions due to the high difficulty

   Beautiful colors, high elasticity, usable in indoor and outdoor spaces

 Beautiful facade for building facade

 It has good impact against impact and can not be easily broken

There are a lot of granite in our country, and therefore the price of granite in Middle east is cheaper

   X You will surely have seen buildings in the snowy days and rain that appear to stain. These spots are due to the absorption of water in  the granite stone used in the view of these buildings, which does not have a good effect on the building, this The negative feature in clear granites is clearly visible. In areas where snow and rain are high, the use of bright granite stones can not be an interesting idea to beautify the facade of the building.

X Granite, when using granite to the wall, the mixture of cement and water or slurry is not well absorbed by granite and there is a possibility of rock fall, but at present, using granite and measurement methods as well as dry installation, granite can be limited To be

X One of the unique features of radiation is radiation from radioactive waves. These waves can be enhanced in environments with X-rays, gamma or magnetic fields.

X Being cold


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