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Marble floor is durable

 After marble, the marble is superbly tackling the quality of the kitchen

 It can be installed in any location due to the appearance and beautiful appearance

Beautiful designs and colors, high elasticity

  The floor of this is known for itsand # 39; Top appearance, royal, decorative

Marble is also known for itsand # 39; The versatility in the art of sculpture as monuments and from tiles to floor tiles

 The hot surface of the tile and marble under the foot can be very enjoyable and comfortable

X Marble floors are very expensive

X The marble floor is very cold during the winter

X It has a very nice appearance, but requires a higher precision when it needs to be installed

X It is a water absorbent material, so when used in exterior facades, it must be taken care of. Ability to absorb blemishes and scratches

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