Onyx was very popular among the Greeks and Romans. Its name comes from the Greek word “Onooks” meaning “nail”, so that one day the capsid nails the holy goddess “Venus” while sleeping with the tip of the beam and leaves its fragments on the sand, and the fate They convert them to stone, so that no part of that heavenly existence can be destroyed.

Although Onyx, Cold and Coldplay are all a bit of a chastity, Onyx is more like opal, with its straight and curly strips in contrast to the opal curved strips. These strips may be brown, white or black. The cool is red, Cordonix is ​​a mixture of cold and onyx and so has white onyx strips and cool red brown color. Onyx comes from Brazil, India, California and Uruguay. The stone has a subtle, black texture, but some of its types have white or black stripes, and it is emphasized that this species is called Cordovanix. The onyx causes rebirth, joy and strengthening the intuition and instincts of the individual, and also reduces the desire for sex and can change bad habits. Some believe that the shapes and designs that are involved in every single onyx, tell a story or include a lesson in life. In myths it is said that Onyx keeps the memory of the physical events occurring around the person. Therefore, Onyx is a powerful rock that, because of its autobiography, is used in the nose. Onyx is a supportive stone and is useful for athletes and people under a lot of emotional and emotional stress, which balances the mind and body and increases the power of the mind. It’s also a fantastic stone for the freaky people because it helps them concentrate. Onyx helps you deal with lessons or tasks with higher confidence. It is highly recommended that the onyx be used with pearls and diamonds to enhance its spiritual qualities. The onyx should be placed directly on the body or used for a long time, because its power increases very slowly. It is especially useful for the treatment of skin diseases, and heals infectious and fungal ulcers, swelling and even sunburn. Rinse the affected skin with the blue one overnight on it, rinse it several times a day slowly, and at night, put the Onyx water jug ​​on the wound.

Because it takes some time for the onyx to reach its maximum power, it should be charged once a week under water, and if it has been used for a long time, it should be placed once a month under the soil once a night; in this way, the stone is restored And retains its power. In ancient witchcraft, Onyx was an evil manifestation of a prisoner in stone. This devil rises at midnight and creates horror and nightmare for people who are in the realm of their influence. However, from the very ancient times, Onyx was used as a shield against black magic. Onyx helps you to balance emotional and voluntary attitudes as well as feminine and masculine forces to balance each individual. The rock of December birthday and in most of the old cultures is the birth of July. The stone is a gorgeous castle and Asad, and seeing it in the dream signifies a happy life alongside a companion. Onyx is associated with the first or root chakra and helps to resolve life’s challenges, especially those that lead to human energy depletion. It also prevents the person from discharging the energy and helps to control excessive or unwanted energy. Black Onyx and Red are associated with the first or root chakra. The Onyx binds the white chakra first to the seventh or crown chakra and results in energy balance throughout the chakra system. Onyx is a superb stone to focus on and achieve superior powers.

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